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Eco-holidays Project

Dear friends,

Cultural-education Center SVETGRIVAS is not just a place for festivals, cultural events and meetings, but also a relaxation place, where you get an opportunity to be in solitute with a mother nature and with yourself. More often people, seeking for a helthier lifestyle and selv-development, prefer to relax in a quiet and peaceful place, away from the bustle of the city.

SVETGRIVAS - is a unique place with stunning nature, fresh air, with an amazing beauty of sunsets and sunrises, and where the confluence of two rivers makes this place particularly strong and loaded with energy.

In the Svetgrivas terrirtry you can also have a possibility to conduct such activities and events as:

- Weddings;

- Celebrations;

- Sports and entertainment activities;

- Cultural activities;

- Corporatives;

- Camps;

- and others.

We offer you accommodation in the territory of SVETGRIVAS in eco-campings, cottages or tents. (здесьбыло бы хорошо сделать ссилку. Чтобы человек нажав на «accomodation» сразу смог перейти в раздел «accomodation»)

We are waiting for you to visit us!