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7 June 2019 Friday 14:00 - 9 June 2019 Sunday 18:00
Семинар с Сумираном под Ригой

В программе семинара: Сатсанги, практика Дза-дзен, энергетические ключи
Китайского УШУ, углубление понимания процесса самоисследования, красивая
природа, река, общение.
21 June 2019 Friday 00:00 - 24 June 2019 Monday 00:00
21-24 of June Solstice in national traditions Culture

We invite you to the sixth International Solstice Festival in
The Solstice Festival has
* Interesting events every day
* Cozy and comfortable atmosphere for outdoor activities
* In-depth knowledge and practice of your choice
* Delicious vegetarian food
* Fun and inexhaustible positive emotions
A natural reserve at the confluence of two rivers, crystal clear air,
fresh and natural food, socialization next to the campfires and diving
into the world of the genus, traditions and cultures of the Earth.