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Dear friends,

Project "Svetgrivas" is created and continues to exist by efforts of volunteers. These are amazing people, labor of love and talents that fill "Svetgrivas" with special beauty, pureness and light!

We are pleased to introduce those enthusiasts to you:

Vita and Peteris Vajkule - the main project designers. The style in which the ensemble of buildings is created, has been proposed and thought-through by Vita. Due to the qualification of these people, interior and exterior design of buildings in "Svetgrivas" corresponds to the highest standards of taste!

Boris Krutik - an architecture. Author of the construction project of the main building "Svetgrivas". A patient and responsible professional.

Ivars Zukulis - a construction manager. Exceptional professional with extensive experience in the implementation of all phases of construction. His personal involvement in the construction process has made an invaluable contribution, namely, that project "Svetgrivas" is not only the unforgettable nature and clean air, but also the building, ready to welcome guests at any time of the year.

Roman Avlasko - a construction manager. Not only a very experienced and responsible professional possessing all construction skills, but also a major supplier of building materials at the best prices for the project "Svetgrivas".

Nadezhda Shumilo - a talented administrator, able to coordinate the necessary documentation, permits at the right time and in the right place, as well as the best manager of all economic issues.

Andrej Bordjukov - a specialist in thermal and electrical equipment. With his diligence and hard work, the guests of "Svetrgivas" can enjoy heat and light.

Aleksandrs Roze - he patiently and actively maintains order in the "Svetgrivas" territory. Caring for trees, mowing grass etc. - this is his field of activity in Svetgrivas.

Rita Zlotopolska - an experienced, talented administrator. Provides meetings, reception and accommodation of our guests in "Svetgrivas". Besides, she enthusiastically participated in the construction works in "Svetgrivas".

Galina Lajcane - an amazing cook in "Svetgrivas". Fine dishes prepared with her hands full of love, provide an atmosphere of happiness for guests, workers and participants.

Valentina Shubina - a skilled, responsible jack of all trades. Valentina, having construction education, has in practice applied it in the best possible way!

We sincerely thank our financial sponsors of the project. Without your contribution, faith in "Svetgrivas" and selflessness, it would be very, very difficult to move forward!

Particular thanks go to Anton Smirnov, Vladimir Bychkov, Nikolaj Pechatnikov, Robert Rimshi, Andrej Doktorov, Isaak Guterman, Vadim Medyankov.

For the creation of our web-sites svetgrivas.lv and svetgrivasfestival.lv we are grateful to Konstantin Kovalchuk and Ignat Tumanov. It is thanks to them it is so easy for us to learn about the latest news and new programs in Svetgrivas.

We thank Anna Mulitsa for writing inspirational texts and support us in social networks.

We would like to thank separately the families of these amazing people who help us in Svetgrivas. Thank you for your patience and understanding for our common mission of God, Light and Love!

We have of course mentioned just some of the people who support us and continue to do so. There are far more names in our hearts, and we remember each of you!

We thank all the well-wishers of the project!

Svetgrivas is waiting for you!