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Significant dates:

The youth camp "Leader of the New Era" is now completed.

During the "Leader of the New Era" project, which was held on March 27-31, 2018 in Jelgava, Latvia, young leaders from 13-30 years of age studied leadership skills, co-operation, goal settings, film production and finally made the film, in which they told about their vision about who the leader is, what qualities he possesses and shared what they have learned over these days. We would like to present the work done by these young people.

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Reflections of the Leaders of the New Age

22 июня 2020 г. – Ligo 2020

Ligo 2020Ligo 2020 (9)

22 июня 2017 г. – Svetgrivas 2017

17-18 September 2016 1st International festival “Creativity in Svyatouste”

20.12.2012 – signed act of purchase for the landed property (4,76 hectares) with two incomplete buildings.

07.01.2013 – new owner receives all rights for the landed property (registered in the Land-book)

27.02.2013 – Council of Jelgava city, in unanimous decision, accepts a change of title and address from “Bruveru Alni” to “Svetgrivas”.

20.05.2013 – Satya Narayana Babaji (Vrindavan) conducts 1st puja for success of the project and all living beings.

20.05.2013 – Jelgava City Building Association gives a permit (‘frozen’ by previous owner) for building a bath-house (house for spiritual teachers).