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Dear guests!

Due to our project "Eco-holidays”, we offer you a unique service - accomodation in Svētgrīvas.

SVETGRIVAS – It is a clean place near the river, surrounded by the silence of forest, with a newly built cottages and the Guest house. Perfect place for a weekend, holidays or event arrangements.

Being out in nature - is the most healthy and effective way to relax and calm the nerves. Here you will not be able to face the information flow that you used to face on a daily basis. You will be keen on taking a walk along the river, through the forest, play active games, spend more time to communicate with your relatives and associates. Thus, you can easily regain strength for new achievements.

SVETGRIVAS is only 45 km from Riga. You can find how to get there


Possibilities and services:

• River, place for swimming

• Trampoline for children

• Sauna (for additional fee)

• Kitchen

• Internet

• A place for a campfire (only in specially dedicated place for it)

• Picnic area

• Volleyball Court

• Playground

• Children pool with a plage


Accomodation prices:

1) Living in your own tent, 3 EUR per day.

Available: biotoilets, warm showers.

2) Rent a tent, 5 EUR per day. The deposit for the tent - 30 euro.

Available: biotoilets, warm showers.

3) Camping, 5 two-bed and two 4-bedded rooms, 10 euros per day per bed. The price includes bed linen and towels.

Available: biotoilets, warm showers.

4) Cottage, 3-bedded and 2-bedded rooms, 15 euros per day per bed. The price includes bed linen and towels.

Available: WC, shower room. You can rent a bathhouse for 4 hours- 50 EUR, every next hour - 10 euros.

5) Guest house, 5 two-bed, one 4-bedded and one 3-bedded rooms, 15 euros per day per bed. The price includes bed linen and towels for rent.

Available: WC, shower room.

Eco-area Svetgrivas allows only vegetarian food (no meat, fish, eggs).


Rules within the territory Svetgrivas:

  • Do not carry weapons into the territory, flammable, explosive, poisonous, narcotic or psychotropic substances, alcoholic beverages;
  • Do not be in a state of alcoholic, narcotic or psychotropic intoxication;
  • No smoking;
  • Comply with generally accepted standards of decency and morality;
  • Do not throw trash in the territory and do not cause other damage to the environment;
  • Do not engage in fishing or hunting;
  • Do not make fires.


Contact information

Questions and reservation: +371 28266145

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Guest house